The history of American food trucks dates back to the early 1800's and the Chuckwagon. Later in 1872 a man named Walker Scott cut a window out of a small covered wagon, parked it at a newspaper office and sold sandwiches, pies and coffee. Much later in the 1950's mobile food canteens were authorized by the U.S. Army and operated on stateside army bases.

The Gourmet Food Truck

In more recent years, the food truck resurgence was fueled by a combination of post-recessionary factors. A modern day food truck isn't an ordinary taco truck one might find at a construction site. Food trucks these days have all the capabilities as a restaurant with the added benefit of going to the customer for catering events. Visit a quality food truck at the Austin Food Park for a delicious meal.

Welcome to the Austin food park Hamburgers!


We invite you to visit our restaurant quality food vendors at the Austin Food Park. Each food trailer or food truck entrepreneur in the food park was carefully selected based upon their cooking skills, desires to be unique with food and their ability to serve you fresh food consistently. All of the Austin Food Park's vendors vendors specialize in a different food type so we can bring you a variety of fresh choices everyday that you visit us.

Food Vendors Wanted- Rent starting at $499/month

TheAustin food park

Come on over to inquire about leasing space next to the Holiday Inn parking lot next to I-35. Plenty of visitors pass by our space.

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